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'Report of 6th international Conference on the great Lakes Region (ICGLR) of 20th-21st March 2014'

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The Community Dialogue for Peace (CDP) initiative stemmed from Rwanda’s post-genocidal needs to reverse mentalities and practices which led to the tragedy, and to build a peaceful society free of genocidal ideology and divisionism. The CDP programme was implemented in three pilot districts: Huye, Gisagara, and Nyamagabe in the Southern Province.

The CDP programme’s general objective was to create an environment conducive to the consolidation of peace, stability, and development in Rwanda in general and in selected districts in particular. Its major focus was to develop capacities and skills for local leaders, secondary schools and CSOs, and to facilitate community dialogue for peace in the abovementioned districts.

The programme had three phases: contact and preparatory; training; and evaluation. In the training phase, three topics were covered: Rwandan history and genocide, Rwandan citizenship, and conflict management and resolution. The evaluation phase examined how the participants’ understanding of these topics had changed during the training phase. The first phase of CDP programme was launched in February 2008 and concluded in May 2010.

For more information on the CDP programme and its results, refer to the CCM publication “Community Dialogue for Peace” (Peace and Conflict Management Review, Vol. 3 No. 1).

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