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'Report of 6th international Conference on the great Lakes Region (ICGLR) of 20th-21st March 2014'

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Short-term courses

Our short-duration courses are part of the CCM contributions for building capacities for conflict transformation and peace in Africa, using insights from Rwanda’s post-genocide reconstruction.
Armed conflicts are an important threat to human security in Africa and have caused enormous destruction upon the continent’s people, infrastructure and social fabric. In response, key institutional developments and policy changes have occurred, such as the creation of the African Union and the evolving institution of African Security Architecture. The African Union and sub-regional organizations, including the Eastern Africa Mechanismand East African Community are increasingly taking a role in conflict prevention, conflict management and peace support operations.
A critical factor both in the process of conflict escalation and peacebuilding is the link between good governance and security, growth and development. The conflicts, insecurity, human misery and slow pace of development across Africa, which resulted partly from bad governance including decades of social exclusion and gross human rights violations, have compelled new thinking on what security is all about. Previously, discourse on peace and security was considered the sole preserve of the military, and not the business of civilians. And security was seen largely in the narrow sense of defending a state from threat external to that state. No effort to achieve peace and security without the commitment and active participation of the national stakeholders: the executive, the legislature, the security forces, political and civil society.
Crucially, this situation entails not only an increased need for capacity building in terms of skills for analyzing regional peace and governance contexts in detail. The full participation of local stakeholders can only be realized if there is a shared understanding and knowledge of all aspects of peace and security issues among them.
Through a unique partnership approach CCM, in close cooperation with organizations of the Civil Society, including Legal Aid Forum, New Vision, Rwanda Women Network, and security organs, including Rwanda Peace Academy, Rwanda National Police and Rwanda Defense Forces, aims to addressing this need by contributing to create a community of Africans knowledgeable on human security issues and the capacity to utilize that knowledge to analyze trends and participate in defence and security planning in the region.

Typically, high quality training content is provided for each course, which forms the basis for study, discussions, group work and individual assessments. The learning milieu comprises senior and middle level officials and professionals, civilian, police and military officers from Africa who have a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding in a flexible and practical way and share their experiences. Each course is facilitated by experts with global and regional exposure of issues of peace and security and understanding of current challenges and issues in the African continent.

The Centre for Conflict Management provides short courses in the following fields:

1. Conflict management, resolution and conflict transformation

2. Gender and peace building

3. Sustainable development

4. Environmental security and climate change

5. Genocide studies and prevention

6. Peace Education

7. Education for Conflict Transformation

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